Do I need an X-ray or Scan?

When you see your Chiropractor for the first time, one thing they will consider is whether an X-ray or MRI scan is appropriate.

Both forms of imaging can be very useful for diagnosing what is happening in the spine and what treatment will work best. The images can also be helpful when looking the prognosis – i.e. how well things are likely to improve with treatment.

Most of the time your chiropractor can tell you what is happening with the spine by talking through how it feels, by checking the movement, testing the nerve function, and by feeling the spine. If there is uncertainty with these tests, and if it is clinically justifiable, then an X-ray or an MRI can be considered.

There are many reasons to do further imaging and investigations. A suspected fracture would be an obvious example. In this case an X-ray should be sufficient as it shows bones. A severely herniated cartilage disc in the back or neck, which is pressing on a nerve and affecting the nerve’s ability to work, would be a good reason to consider an MRI scan, as MRI’s show soft tissue like cartilage and nerves, as well as bone.

Your chiropractor is trained to read and interpret X-rays and MRI images and using this information they can tell you the best course of action in order to resolve the problem.

If you’d like to discuss whether chiropractic can help you, or whether you made need an X-ray or scan, then call on 01455 615074 to book to an appointment.