About Chiropractic

About Chiropractic


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Chiropractic is a health profession concerned with diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions relating to the bones, joints and muscles and the nerves that control them. Although chiropractors have become well known for treating the spine, they treat all the joints of the body.

Visiting a Chiropractor is suitable for people of all ages and can help with a variety of conditions. Treatment is safe, natural and effective and is supported by NHS guidelines*. Treatment is based on the best available evidence. Your chiropractor will regularly complete mandatory ‘continuing professional development’ training to stay up to date with the latest research, evidence and techniques.

There are 5 years of study to be a Chiropractor. All chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council. We maintain good links with local GP surgeries. At Burbage House we have the advantage of being part of a multidisciplinary team, meaning that your care can be specifically tailored to your needs for the most efficient and effective outcome. Read NICE guidelines and Bronfort Report 


Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic works by freeing restricted joints, taking pressure of trapped nerves, and releasing muscle tension. This reduces pain, reduces tension, and allows improved flexibility and function. It can make you feel ‘more like yourself’ and allow you to get on with work or leisure in comfort. The techniques used by the chiropractic can include some of the following, dependent on your specific needs and preferences:

‘Diversified’ chiropractic adjustments – this is a technique that uses a specific low-force manual thrust to free up ‘stuck’ or ‘locked’ spinal joints. By allowing the joint to move freely again pressure is taken off the nerve, muscles and disc.

Activator – this is a handheld adjusting instrument that delivers a low-force thrust. It is gentle and works in a similar way to manual chiropractic adjustments.

Manual Traction – this is effectively a specific stretch that opens up space between ‘stuck’ joints and pulls pressure away from the discs and nerves of the spine.

Mobilisation – the chiropractor performs gentle passive movements of the joints in order to improve their ability to move freely.

Trigger point therapy and remedial massage techniques – this removes the painful ‘knots’ and ‘tight bands’ that form in muscles.

Dry needling – otherwise known as Western acupuncture, used to relax tight muscles and reduce pain.

All techniques are effective, comfortable and safe and are combined by your experienced chiropractor in a way that will provide the most benefit to you for a successful outcome.

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