Why Choose Chiropractic Hinckley

Chiropractic UK Hinckley

Welcome to the blog page for Chiropractic UK Hinckley. This is where I will be regularly adding articles and information that I hope you will find interesting and helpful. To start with I’d like to address the above question – Why choose Chiropractic UK Hinckley?

Dr Edward O’Gorman Chiropractic HinckleyI’ll break this into 3 parts:

1. Why choose chiropractic in general?

2. Why Chiropractic UK Hinckley?

3. And why did I choose Chiropractic UK Hinckley?



Why choose Chiropractic?

Chiropractors are best known for treating the back, neck and spine in general. There is a good reason for this – we have great results! The following link will take you to the website of the Royal College of Chiropractors where you can find research, clinical trials and evidence for the effectiveness of chiropractic care: http://rcc-uk.org/evidence-for-chiropractic/

Why Chiropractic UK Hinckley?

This is a great time to join us as there have been some recent improvements at Chiropractic UK Hinckley – including this new website and blog!

Chiropractic UK is now owned by the practice – this means we have a reception that is manned, by our wonderful and friendly reception team, 6 days per week. We have a full time, experienced chiropractor (me!).

The treatment room has recently been refurbished and redecorated. There is plenty of free onsite parking. We benefit from being a part of the Burbage House Health Clinic, with easy access to other practitioners – Acupuncture, podiatry, physiotherapy, sports massage to mention but a few! http://www.burbagehouseclinic.co.uk/.

Why did I choose Chiropractic UK Hinckley?

Well, I’m a Midlander, so I feel at home in Hinckley. I spent many years practicing in Norwich and I training in Bournemouth, but I always knew that I would eventually return to my roots in the Midlands. Being at Chiropractic UK Hinckley gives me the opportunity to use my experience working with great chiropractors at a busy practice to run the Hinckley practice in a way that I believe gives the best patient experience and the best results. So whether it’s back pain, neck pain, a pinched nerve, and whether it’s been there a long time or is recent and acute, I look forward to being able to help you get on with your life with less pain and better movement!