Your Visit

Your Visit


Your Visit to the Chiropractor

The main changes to the appointments are as follows:

On arrival please remain in your car. We will keep an eye out for you and we will collect you, this minimizes the need to touch door handles. Please endeavor to arrive on time.
There is hand gel available for you in the clinic.
Reception now has a glass screen at the desk. We encourage payment by card as we also have contactless.
Your chiropractor, Ed, will be wearing PPE. If you have your own mask then wearing it is optional but encouraged.
You will notice the clinic is quiet, appointment times have been spaced out, this keeps the car park and waiting for areas relatively clear and allows all contact surfaces to be cleaned before and after each appointment.
We will go through this information when you contact us. The full clinic Covid policy is available at the clinic.

Consultation and Examination – £65
Treatment session – £38

First visit
The initial consultation, examination, and treatment normally last between 40 minutes and 1 hour. During this time your chiropractor will:

  • Take a full case history
  • Complete a physical assessment
  • Provide initial treatment or advice appropriately

Our aim is to tell you exactly what is wrong and to look for any serious conditions that would require us to refer you to your GP or another practitioner. You are welcome to bring another person with you to the consultation (friend, relative, partner). You can ask questions at any time, in fact, please do! After the initial assessment, your chiropractor will go through the information thoroughly and put together a treatment plan specifically for you.

Onward Visits
With the ‘report of findings’ you will be told exactly what the problem is, what can be done to help resolve it, how long it is likely to take, and the cost.

Factors that may affect how fast your progress is, and therefore the number and frequency or treatments are:

  • The condition, how severe it is and how long you have had it.
  • Your overall goal – be that short-term pain relief, long-term improvement of function and performance, or improving and maintaining the quality of life.
  • How well you stick to the care plan and the chiropractor’s advice regarding, for example, posture and exercise.

You’ll receive a text message reminder 24 hours before your appointment. Regular appointments typically last 15 to 20 minutes depending on what treatment is required. Treatment and advice will be specific for you and may change depending on what phase of care you are at.

We will constantly monitor improvements in your symptoms and will also complete regular ‘progress checks’. This enables us to gain an objective assessment of how well your joints, nerves, and muscles are improving – this tells the chiropractor exactly what phase of care you are at: The phases of care are initial pain relief, correcting the underlying problem, stabilising the condition and finally maintaining the improvement.